ingrid cuthbert

Hello, I am, like, amazing

in my passion for all things webby.

My name is Ingrid, a Seattle-based frontend developer.


Therapy Website

Therapy Website*

Grey Matter Partners

Business Website*

Legal Website

Legal Website*

Legal Website

Legal Website*

Exterminator Website

Exterminator Website*

Auto Body Repair Website

Auto Body Repair Website*

the Daily Tarot

Javascript and jQuery website

Personal Design Website

Personal Design Website

Animation, Illustration & Video

Animation, Illustration & Video

Gingerbread B&B Website

B&B Custom WordPress Design/Build

Psychic Hamster

Psychic Hamster App

Zippy Postal Code Finder

Zippy, Postal Code Finder

CSS animation

SVG, Canvas, CSS Animation

For more code examples, checkout myGithub account

* built at efelle creative


Current/previous positions and skill set


Junior Frontend Dev
efelle creative Seattle

Develop custom responsive websites for a variety of small to midsize companies integrating a PHP/MYSQL-based CMS.

efelle creative:


  • Javascript, Jquery, Node.js
  • WordPress, Bootstrap, SVN, Git
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Design, Illustration, Animation
  • Photoshop, Illustrator